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Complex devices, "Integrated common control - tribodiagnostics equipment for various purposes"

GPA C-16

Complex devices "VECTOR" has been developed by us to assess the performance of various equipment and its repair is not under the rules, and the actual state.

Motor Vehicle

The developed device set "VECTOR" s different from the existing controls of wear that can differentially determine the mass of a ferromagnetic wear particles and paramagnetic particles (non-ferrous metals and alloys: Sn; Fe; Cu; Pb; A1 and etc.).

Marine Engine

The use of complex "VECTOR" allows you to timely information about the origin of iznosnyh failures and prevent accidents, and clearly dentify which parts are made ​​of colored or black metal, currently the most heavily worn.. And all this is determined without dismantling the equipment and its operation directly on the analysis of lubricating oil.

Diesel Engine

The main applications of the complex "VECTOR" - technical diagnostics: internal combustion engines, gearboxes, gas-pumping units (GPU), hydraulic systems, etc., as well as individual components of this and other equipment.

Thus, complex instruments, "VECTOR" can be successfully used on passenger, freight and passenger vehicles (internal combustion engines), the passenger and cargo aircraft (turbine aircraft), rail (diesel engines), river and sea transport (power plant) for oil and gas equipment (gas stations, compressor stations, transport and storage of gas, gas processing plants), etc.

Instruments of the complex "Vector" patented in the Russian Federation.

Complex devices "Vector" includes a set of instruments for the diagnosis of different types of mechanisms. In the complex devices use two types of sensors cumulative и flow type.

The principle of the sensor is based on the cumulative deposition of wear particles in lubricating system of the sensor, followed by registration of the mass of electronics.

The principle of the flow sensor is based on the passage of the flow of lubricating oil with wear particles through the sensor probe, followed by registration of the concentration of electronics.

High sensitivity, wide range of registration of Fe, Sn, Cu, Al, Pb etc. complex devices provide continuous monitoring of wear of friction units of different types of mechanisms immediately during their operation.

Technical and economic parameters of the complex instruments, "VECTOR"

Complete set of "Vector" 3 device
Types of sensors: storage and flow
The number of sensors on the set of 3-5 pcs.
Accuracy of measurement 8-12%
Restrictions on the type of equipment installation no
Power consumption of the onboard network 10-20 Tues

Depending on the conditions of all units of the complex "Vector" can be performed with a level of protection - "enhanced reliability" for use in potentially explosive mixtures of Category 11A temperature class T6.

The developed device set "VECTOR" has been tested in various industries, receiving positive reviews:

Automotive NAMI, AZLK
Oil and Gas "Mostransgaz", "Lentransgaz", "Samaratransgaz" Syzran refineries;
Aviation LII. Gromov, "Saturn";
Shipbuilding "Barnaultransmash" The Black Company;
Railway VNIIZhT, Voronezh Diesel Locomotive Repair Plant
Coal "Ekibastuzugol".

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