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The system of "Vassa"

"Switch-automatic windscreen wipers and the headlights"

Any motorist has repeatedly found himself in a situation where under the wheels of a passing car through puddles, or overtaking your truck, suddenly on the windshield of the car brought down the flow of dirty water. Visibility is immediately null and pass a second, until you turn on the windshield.

And do not forget that even at 60 km / h the car is a second way is 17 meters, and in the absence of visibility, as we know, is significantly reduced traffic safety.

Consider another situation. Sometimes drivers forget to turn the parking lights and low beam headlights when entering, for example, in the tunnel. In this case, rather there is a sudden change in light momentary loss of orientation on-site, as a consequence, the oncoming lane. This creates an emergency situation. In addition, non-well-known law of necessity, at any time of day to travel in transport from the headlights (in particular, and in the afternoon - with the beam), entails a corresponding administrative measures, ie fine.

Every motorist (amateur or professional) can give other examples from his practice, associated with such situations on the road due to changes in visibility in the path of the vehicle.

The proposed system for the promotion of innovation, "Vassa" (switch - automatic windscreen wipers and headlights) is designed to improve traffic safety in case of abrupt changes of illumination on the roads.

Improve the security of driving a car while driving: on the highway, road, street - during and after the rain on the street without lighting the darkened areas (eg, tunnel), and the like - that's what the system is intended to Vassa.

The system of Vassa simple reliable. If you are installing requires virtually no structural changes in the car, is not high cost.

The scope of Vassa consists of two sensor (wiper and headlights), dial-up using the connectors in the electronics, the outputs of which are connected respectively to the wiper motor, washer, and the central re-light the car the back panel.

Technical and economic parameters of the system, "Vassa"

The range of controlled lighting 0-10 lux
Restrictions on installation of car models (cars, trucks, etc.) no
Power consumption of the onboard network 5 W
Weight of electronic unit Vassa 100 g
Overall dimensions of the block Vassa 60h45h20 mm.

We suggest having established mass production system, "Vassa", use it as an option in the box, produced new brands of domestic (and other) vehicles directly to the car factories, as well as retrofit of this type operating systems, all passenger and commercial vehicles in Russia and CIS countries by conducting a powerful advertising campaign, and wholesale-retail sales of "Vassa" all businesses and interested individuals through a network of auto parts stores and service station.

The use of "Vassa" as an option in the existing vehicle fleet of the Russian Federation and the CIS will significantly enhance driving safety during a sudden change in weather conditions during the movement of vehicles on the roads of Russia.

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