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The system S A S H A"

(Tire pressure measuring systems Car)

From the statistics of road accidents is well known that the failure of tires and brakes occupy one of the first places in the list of causes of accidents that occur due to technical faults cars. Every motorist is familiar picture: the heavy traffic (on the road, on the streets, etc.), and on the roadway or closer to the side of the driver changes the "after" the wheel, thus creating some difficulties for passing traffic transport, and in some emergency cases and the situation on the roads.

In addition, the general motion of a car with low blood pressure in one or more wheels, first, leads to a deterioration in drivability (even on a good road, not to mention the slippery road in the rain or ice), and secondly, even an experienced hard driver "by eye" to determine the slight decrease in pressure in the motor vehicle (for example, 0.1 - 0.2 atm.). One must always remember that even a small decrease in pressure leads to premature wear of the tread of tires and suspension, as well as an increase in fuel consumption. According to the Institute of Srila Prabhupada, for example, reducing the pressure in the tire by 25% reduces its service life by 50%. According to the U.S. due to poorly inflated tires every day lost more than 3.5 million liters of fuel and 240 million tires discarded annually in landfills.

Despite all this, the pressure in the tires of moving vehicles is virtually the only parameter, that is not controlled until now the majority of domestic production cars.

We have developed a system of Sasha is designed to automatically monitor and display lower air pressure in the pneumatic tire wheels of any vehicle during their movement.

Using the tire pressure measuring systems Car" (Sasha) allows to define a differentiated reduction in tire pressure of each wheel when driving a car, and as a consequence, allows the driver ime to select the time of stopping the machine to secure paging "down" tires (or wheels of change if necessary), thus significantly improves safety, reduces tire wear and gas mileage.

The system of Sasha is patented in the Russian Federation.

The principle of operation of the "Sasha" is based on the fact that with a decrease in pressure in one of the wheels of the car decreases its radius and thus increases the speed of the wheel. Measured by the sensor frequency difference between the rotation of wheels (front and rear), electronic control unit is fixed SASHA (processing unit and display the sensor signals), mounted on the vehicle dashboard. The glow on the block Sasha (processing unit and display the sensor signals), mounted on the vehicle dashboard. The glow on the block "SASHA" one of the control indicators in red shows the driver in what the front or rear wheel axis decreased blood pressure.

The system of "Sasha" (as opposed to their foreign counterparts) has a high accuracy, simple structure, technological in manufacturing, has a high noise immunity, low cost comparable to the cost of one wheel of the domestic car) almost does not require any structural changes in the car.

We suggest having established mass production system, "Sasha", use it as an option in the box, produced new brands of domestic (and other) vehicles directly to the car factories, as well as retrofit of this type operating systems, all passenger and commercial vehicles in Russia and CIS countries by conducting a powerful advertising campaign, and wholesale-retail system "Sasha" all businesses and interested individuals through a network of auto parts stores and service station.

Technical and economic parameters of the "Sasha"

The range of the controlled reduction of pressure 0 - 10 atm
Number of sensors 4 - 8 pcs
Reduce the likelihood of missing a tire pressure 0
Power consumption of the onboard network (depending on version) 0; 12 pw
The influence of the real external factors (temperature, dirt, moisture, vibration, etc.) no
Impact on adjacent systems on board no
Restrictions on installation of car models (cars, trucks, etc.) no
Operating costs no
Weight of electronic unit SASHA (depending on version) 50g; 200g
Overall dimensions of the block SASHA (depending on version) 60h45h15mm, 100h65h30mm

In addition to information about reducing the air pressure in tires wheels of the car system SASHA can additionally provide:

- Definition of uneven tread wear of tires the car in the early stages, when a visual inspection is not effective;

- Definition of stalled wheel or wheels without leaving the car when stuck in mud, snow, etc;

- Definition of unacceptable backlash in the bearings of the wheels or the loosening wheel bolts, which is accompanied by damage to the sensor and the absence of a signal from him on the block SASHA.

The use of Sasha as an option in the box, produced new brands of domestic (and other) vehicles, as well as retrofitting the existing fleet of such systems in Russia and the CIS will significantly improve the security of driving a car, reduce tire wear, reduce fuel consumption and, as a consequence, reduce environmental pollution especially in big cities.

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