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Complex`s devices "VECTOR"

with flow type sensors

Complex`s devices «Integrated united control of tribodiagnosics of the equipment of different purposes» (short for «VECTOR») using sensors of flow type are designed to assess the condition, remaining life and reliability of friction nodes of process equipment by detecting the concentration of wearout products in the lubrication system at any time of the operation of various mechanisms without its stopping and disassembling (RF patent).

The set of devices «Vector» includes sensors flow type and electronic unit for signal processing and display.

The principle of flow-type sensor is based on a passage with the flow of oil through the sensor probe of wearout particles with their concentrations registration  by electronics.

The sensor, with the tee is installed in the oil drain oil line from the mechanism of friction, and the electronic unit can be installed in the control room, dispatcher room, etc. The devices can be made explosion proof.

Devices of the complex «Vector» with flow type of sensors, in contrast to devices with a accumulative sensors, it is recommended to determine the wearout of equipment in which the flow rate of the oil more than 1 m / sec.

Experimental verification of the developed tools with flow sensors of tribodiagnostics was conducted in SSC RF Flight Research Institute. MM Gromova during ground testing of propulsion engine (RD-33) of MiG-29 aircraft number  924 in the whole range of modes of its work from start to full forced mode.

In this case, the results obtained from the means of built-in test (device complex "VECTOR"), compared with the results of X-ray analysis of oil samples to a known complex "Bars-3" (which is widely used in the aviation industry for this purpose) and showed good agreement. The research results of oil-RD-33 also showed that the friction nodes, washed by oil, worked as during normal wearout, without generating a large concentration of wearout particles.

It must be emphasized, that the use of complex`s devices «VECTOR» showed a rather high accuracy of control of the concentration of wearout particles of Fe è Cu in the lubricating system of engine RD-33 (ie, directly at its operation in various modes), and using of the known methods require spectrometric stopping the engine, oil sampling and laboratory analysis.

Trial operation of devices with flow sensors was also held on gas pumping units (GPU)-type C-16 GP-9 of Medvezhinsky, GP LLC "Nadymgazprom", receiving positive feedback.. Sensors, installed in the oil lines of oil drain plug from the power turbines using conventional tees, and electronic control unit, mounted in the control room of compressor station (CS).

High sensitivity (0,01 g/t), wide range of   recording Fe, Sn, Cu, Al, Pb and etc. by the devices of complex «VECTOR» provide continuous monitoring of wearout of friction nodes of different types of mechanisms directly during their operation.

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