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LTD  "MMK" focuses primarily on innovative projects to create systems and automatic complex systems and diagnostics of parameters of separate nodes (and the overall state of technological equipment and machinery) of various types in various industries to improve their efficiency and durability .        

Adadditionally LTD "MMK" provides scientific and technical advisory services to individuals and legal entities (and possibly future partners and investors) on issues related to:   

-innovative developments of the company;
-the principles of building systems using sensors of tribodiagnostics of various purposes, including the ADC and DAC output signal change;
- the automatic control and diagnostics of wearout of various technological equipment used in various industries;
-development of information-measuring systems (IMS), ACS and ACS with the usage of microprocessor technology.


The most interesting and promising innovative development of the company are: a set of devices "VECTOR" ("Integrated united control of tribodiagnosics of the equipment of different purposes ") and complex "Kasandra" ("The complex of autonomous systems of non-stopping diagnostics of running car.")   

The use of complex`s devices «VECTOR» allows to timely receive information about the appearance of wearout failures and prevent accidentsand clearly identify which parts, made of colored or black metal, are currently the most heavily worn. . And all this is determined without dismantling the equipment and stopping its operation directly, on the analysis of lubricating oil.

Devices of tribodiagnostics that are part of a complex «VECTOR»,  are patented in Russia  and have been successfully tested under industrial conditions in enterprises of different industries: AZLK, NAMI (automotive industry), "Mostransgaz", "Lentransgaz", "Samaratransgaz" "Mosavtogaz "Syzran refinery (oil) in LII. Gromov, "Saturn"(aircraft), "Barnaultransmarsh" The Black Company (Shipbuilding) VNIIZhT, VoronezhTRZ (Railway), "Ekibastuzugol" (coal).

Development of a set of "Kasandra" is directly associated with increased safety of vehicles on the roads of Russia. This work was done and is part of a national program of the Russian Federation "for safety driving", the result of which is the creation of a set of diagnostic tools for automatic control of technical condition of the car under the provisional name of "Kasandra" (patent of RF).

 Complex "Kasandra" includes in itself three autonomous systems: autocontrol of the car engine`s wearout (module "AIDA"), Automatic switch of wipers and headlights (module "VASSA") automatic control of pressure in the tires (module "SASHA" ), which also patented in the Russian Federation. They can be equipped with a full-time technical means on the new brands of domestic cars, as well as they can be used as additional options in the current configuration of cars and trucks.
For development within the framework of a national program of the Russian Federation "for safety driving" LTD "MMK" in 2008 was awarded with the Diploma of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks..                               
        A distinctive feature of all developed and offered solutions by LTD "MMK" is to promote the innovation of systems and complexes as their job (automatic or automated control and diagnostics of parameters) directly in the operation of certain equipment (internal combustion engines, turbines, aircraft, compressors, gearboxes, and t . etc.) without stopping and dismantling.

At the 37th International Salon of inventions, new engineering and technologies, "Geneva 2009" (Switzerland), our development, "KASANDRA" and "VECTOR" were, respectively, rewarded with silver and bronze medals. In April 2009 on the Russian Federal Service of Intellectual Property, Patent and Trademark Office, a Diploma has been awarded to the developers for a high level of developments presented at this salon.                                
    In April 2010, held in Moscow at the 13th International Salon of Inventions and Innovation Technologies "Archimedes-2010", the development of our company's "complex`s devices" VECTOR " was awarded with the silver medal.                                 


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