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(Complex autonomous systems of automatic
continuous diagnosis of the car)

Complex Kasandra (Patent RF) was developed by OOO "MMK" in the national program "for safety" and it consists of three patented in the Russian Federation, the system - it's modules: AIDA, Vassa and Sasha.

On the false panels of electronic unit Kasandra color output, or digital displays of these modules, allowing the driver while driving the vehicle to obtain additional information.

1. The need to replace the engine oil or car repair (module AIDA - auto control car engine wear).

2. On the state of pressure in the tires of wheels of a moving car (module Sasha - measuring systems car tires).

3. On or off the automatic activation of windscreen wipers, headlight, headlights and marker lights car (module Vassa - an automatic wiper switch and the headlights).

Such additional and useful driving information received by the driver when installing complex "Kasandra" on the car (and without any restrictions on any passenger and freight vehicles), no doubt, will improve traffic safety on Russian roads, and not only.

Electronic unit complex Kasandra installed on the dashboard of the car (on the dash) in a convenient location for the driver and using connection cables through the engine compartment is connected to the sen-Chicama blocks - modules: AIDA, Vassa Sasha, included in its composition.

Installation of complex Kasandra on the car is quite simple, requires little or no there any, and can be carried out independently without recourse to the car wash.

We suggest having established mass production complex "Kasandra", use it as an option in the box, produced new brands of domestic cars directly to the car factories, as well as equip the entire set of existing passenger and commercial vehicles in Russia and CIS countries by conducting a powerful advertising campaign, and wholesale-retail complex of all firms and interested individuals through a network of auto parts stores and service station.

The use of complex "Kasandra" in the vehicle fleet of the Russian Federation and the CIS will monitor the technical condition of the engine, not bringing it to an emergency condition, as well as significantly improve traffic safety on Russian roads by improving driving safety and, in particular, reduce tire wear, reduce the consumption of fuel and, consequently, reduce environmental pollution especially in big cities.

Structurally - Economic Indicators complex "Kasandra"

Used in measuring systems AIDA, Vassa, Sasha
Number of sensors 7 pc.
Restrictions on installation of car models (cars, trucks, etc.) No
Power consumption of the onboard network 17 Tues
Weight of electronic unit Kasandra 300 g
Dimensions of electronic unit Kasandra 125h60h45 mm.

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