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(Autocontrol wear a car engine)

The system "autocontrol wear a car engine" (a system of Aida) s intended for automatic control of technical condition of friction motor cars and commercial vehicles, and allows, on the testimony of a digital display, to determine which nodes of friction (CPG babbit bearing inserts, or crankshaft) the most heavily worn.

As this information is determined by the need to replace the engine oil is not under the rules of TOA, but directly to the actual state of wear of friction engine and, in addition, it is possible to determine in advance of the need to replace the bulkhead or engine (replacing the piston rings and cylinder bore, replacement of bearings of sliding and grinding crank) without bringing it to an emergency condition, and all this is determined during operation of the vehicle, ie when driving a car.


The system Aida was patented in the Russian Federation. Analogues such developments in the world does not exist.

The principle of action of AIDA system is based on sedimentation from oil of products of wear (Fe, Pb, Sn etc.) knots of a friction of details of the engine in working volume of the sensor with the subsequent registration of their weight by the electronic block. Control of work of KShM is determined by existence in karterny oil of particles of Pb and Sn, and for TsPG by Fe.

When using the AIDA instead of the plug is sufficient to drain the oil from the crankcase mount our sensor. Shielded cable COP (from the sensor) is laid along the bottom of the crankcase and through the protection of the engine compartment goes to the torpedo into the car where the jack is connected with the block AIDA, mounted on the dashboard and connected to the battery.

In this case, you (behind the wheel of his car), always on the display unit's "Aida" will be aware of the need for an oil change or the need for bulkheads (replacement) engine.

Thus the information on the display unit, "AIDA" you with high accuracy will indicate which ones wear of engine components, exceeds the maximum allowable value, and require replacement (ie, the percentage will show the wear of ferromagnetic and paramagnetic components of friction engine that provides information , about what kind of engine repairs needed)

It is also possible, and simpler and cheaper option of building an electronic unit, "AIDA" is not a digital display, a color indicator, where the LED, for example, LEDs are illuminated in different colors simply by pointing to the driver, the need for an oil change (yellow), or repair of the engine (Red) color.

Technical and economic parameters of the "AIDA"

Number of sensors 1pc
Accuracy of measurement 8%
Restrictions on installation of car models (cars, trucks, etc.) no
Power consumption of the onboard network 12 volts.
Weight of "Aida" 250 gr.
Overall dimensions of the block, "AIDA" 50h75h30mm.

We suggest having established mass production of "Aida", and use it as an option in the box, produced new brands of domestic (and other) vehicles directly to the car factories, as well as retrofit of this type operating systems, all passenger and commercial vehicles in Russia and CIS countries by conducting a powerful advertising campaign, and wholesale-retail sales of "Aida" all businesses and interested individuals through a network of auto parts stores and service station.

The use of "Aida" n the vehicle fleet of the Russian Federation and the CIS will monitor the technical condition of the vehicle engine during operation, without bringing it to an emergency condition.

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