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Project «SASHA»
Commercial offer

Summery proposal

Small innovate enterprise LTD “MMK”(Diagnostics Complexes and Systems) /RF, Moscow/ provides a project “SASHA”(Auto control of car engine`s wearout) for the consideration of all interested businesses and individuals.

The basic framework is a developed and patented in Russian Federation “SASHA” system (System of «Auto control of car`s tire pressure »).

«SASHA» system`s purpose is automatic control and indication of air`s pressure decreasing in wheel`s pneumatic tires of any transport vehicle during motion with task of increasing the driving`s safety, decreasing tires tread wearout, and as well as, decreasing fuel consumption.

The global trend towards higher security requirements of vehicle`s usage, which determines, in particular, installation inside them of tires pressure control system will inevitably lead to strong demand for such systems in the automotive market in Russia and CIS. Thus, the relevance of the creation and usage of simple and affordable systems of this type, as «SASHA», is obvious. This also is not in doubt that there will be future demand of «SASHA» at its output to huge automobile market of Russia and CIS countries, because at present time almost all domestic brands do not have wheel`s tire pressure control systems inside them.

Enterprise is looking for: investors; partners for joint researches with the purpose of increasing of cars driving safety on roads of Russia; partners for manufacturing of «SASHA» systems with the license.

Proposal description

Developed (by our enterprise LTD “MMK”) «SASHA» system, designed for automatic control and differential determination of reducing pressure in the tires of car wheels during motion, is to be used as an additional option for vehicles of domestic brands, both already existing and used, as well as new ones, in the overall composition of the vehicle fleet of Russia and CIS countries.

It should be emphasized at once, that all car traffic with decreased pressure in one or more wheels:

  • leads to deterioration of drivability (even on a good road, not to mention slippery ones during rain or ice);
  • even a small reduction of pressure (F.x. 0.1 -0.2 atm.) ultimately leads to premature wearout of tire tread and suspension, and increasing of fuel consumption.

Proposed system allows the driver a possibility to determine the current state of pressure in tire of every wheel, while driving, and allows to choose the right moment for safety stop of the car and pumping the “down” tire (or changing the wheel, if necessary) thereby significantly increasing the security of driving a vehicle, by reducing tire wearout and gasoline consumption.

The operation principles of «SASHA» system is based on measuring the difference in the frequency rotations of pairs of wheels in the car`s front and rear (or left and right side of the car); arising from the reduction of pressure in one of the wheels and corresponding decrease of its radius. «SASHA» system includes sensors on wheel`s brake shields and electronic unit (see photo – one of the options for a constructive embodiment of electronic unit), installed on the dashboard, through which displays the desired information about pressure changes. With the decreasing of pressure in one or another wheel`s tire, system will give out a warning digital and/or sound and/or color signals to the driver, «telling» him, in what particular wheel of front or rear pair (left or right) is a decreased pressure.

«SASHA» system is self-powered, require no electrical connections to car`s electric circuit and not affected by its network interference. Temperature changes, pollution, moisture, vibrations and etc don`t affect the work of contactless sensors of induction type, which are included in «SASHA» complex. Their terms of use virtually unlimited. MTBF, used in system`s hardware components, is consisted with terms of operation of the vehicle by mileage (at least 0.5 mln. km.). «SASHA» system doesn`t require any maintenance, adjustments and settings throughout the life of the vehicle and can be installed without restrictions on any brands of cars and trucks.

«SASHA» system is an entirely new solution of service maintenance of domestic vehicles and is an effective technical tool of reducing the possibility of accidents on the roads of Russia and CIS countries.

Installment of the proposed «SASHA» system doesn`t require virtually any structural changes in the car, can be easily carried out by the driver himself (without consulting with service station) on any brand of domestic, as well as foreign cars (passenger and freight).

Innovate aspects and advantages of the proposal

From the statistics of traffic accidents it is well known, that the faults of car`s tires take third place in the list of causes of accidents, after brakes failure and drunk driving. Everybody well knows about consequences of driving with half-empty tires: side slips, deterioration of vehicle handling and stability, increased fuel consumption, reduced operation life of tires, and its loss due to cord`s destruction, when driving at high speed or due to non-detected in time puncture.

Equipping the vehicle with the system of automatic control of pressure in tires of driving car («SASHA») helps to eliminate the above-mentioned consequences of the driving on half-empty tires, and, as a result, increase the driving safety, improves environment, and the car owner will save money on gasoline and tires.

Analysis of widely used means of control of tires pressure on different foreign cars shows, that they can be implemented in 2 varieties: “passive” and “active” systems of control.

The disadvantages of«passive systems», , as a rule, constructed on a base of anti-lock module ABS, quite extended by additional software (F.x., DDS /company “Continental” / “Warmair” / “Dunlop” / and some others); are relatively low accuracy and speed, as well, accordingly, the presence or absence of ABS itself on the car (on a number of machines, ABS it put on one pair of wheels, and, consequently, other pair remains without pressure control, by the way).

«Active systems» are based on the structure: “Pressure sensor (and temperature) on each wheel – a transmitter with antenna – on board computer”, in which the program is laid with nominal parameters of tires, where the comparison is taken with readings of sensors (F.x. for plant equipment vehicles used /TSS of firm “Beru”, TMPS of company “Continental Teves”, etc./ and for so-called equipment up-to-date for vehicles – “Roadsnoop” of company “Nokian”, firm systems “Smar-Tire” and another). The sensivity of this type of system is much higher than the “passive”. However, significant disadvantages of “active” systems are, without doubt, the need for maintenance, a certain complexity of their installation on the car, and the need to reconfigure the software, used by system after each change of tires.

In addition, the general lack of both systems is the design complexity, the impossibility of usage of one tire`s pressure control system on different foreign cars of different years of manufacture and relatively high cost (from $200-500 or more, depending on the type of system pressure control).

Currently produced in the enterprises of RF, automobiles of domestic brands GAZ, VAZ, UAZ, ZIL, etc. don`t have in their configuration on-board computers, as fact, braking systems like ABS, tire pressure sensors, etc.

The absence of these systems and sensors (largely determining the technical state of vehicle and affecting its driving safety) in configuration of our domestic cars certainly (according to the statistics) affects the number of accidents, and generally on safety of driving on Russian roads.

In this regard, our firm developed «SASHA» system, which allows to some extent compensate for this drawback in configuration of domestic car brands, by using it as an additional option (to the existing control devices) with the task of improving driving safety.

The proposed system «SASHA» is based on operation principle of fundamentally different from principles of the presently known tire pressure monitoring systems of western firms. Its use and operation does not require neither on-board computer, nor ABS, nor other indispensable accessories of modern cars.

It is fully autonomous and in distinction form foreign above-mentioned western firm does not require technical maintenance, adjustments and settings throughout the life of the vehicle and can be installed without any restrictions on any brands of passenger and freight car, while possessing high accuracy, noise immunity, reliability and constructive low cost (about $50-100, depening on the modification, which is comparable to the cost of one wheel of domestic car).

Using in vehicles of domestic brands, the proposed additional instrumental systems (system «SASHA») can provide the following benefits:


  • Increasing driving safety due to the presence of additional information, during motion, about decreasing of tire`s pressure of each wheel, and, consequently, emergence (through this) of new opportunities for the timely prevention of accidents on the road;


  • reducing wearout of tire tread of car wheels (according to the statistics, reducing of tire`s pressure on 25% - shortens its life by 50%);
  • reducing fuel consumption due to the maintaining normal tire`s pressure (by some data, U.S. daily lose more than 3.5 mln. liters of fuel only because poorly inflated tires);
  • Improving the environment in the country due to the increasing of service life of tires (in the U.S., for example, 240 mln tires annually dumped into a landfill).

Thus, the novelty of the project «SASHA» is to develop a qualitatively new additional instrumentation for monitoring and diagnosis of air pressure in wheel`s tires of car of domestic brands in real time (f.x. directly in driving on the highway, street, etc…)

Technological key words, characterizing the profile

«SASHA», system of automatic control, tire`s pressure of cars, safe driving of cars, increasing of driving safety on the roads, control instruments of tire`s pressure.

Current project status

«SASHA» project has a drawn up Abstract summary and Business Plan. «SASHA» system has received 3 Russian patents and R & D is conducted. There are produced prototypes of «SASHA» system.

The developers of «SASHA» work more than 15 years to create control-diagnostic instrumentation for machinery of various types and purposes. Have more than 100 scientific publications on the subject, received 8 patents, awarded with medals of MGS VOIR.

At the international salon of inventors, new engineering and technology, “Geneva - 2009” (Switzeland) for the development of the «SASHA» (in the complex of «Kasandra») received silver medal.

To implement the project «SASHA», it is required an investment of $200.000 for a period of 2-3 years. Payback period – 2.5 years. Investors' rights - a proportion of the amount of profits up to 49%.

Ïðàâà èíâåñòîðà – äîëè îò îáú¸ìà ïîëó÷åííîé ïðèáûëè äî 49%.

The project «SASHA» means:

  • bringing the system «SASHA» to the level of industrial production (modernization of the existing and new R & D versions of system);
  • Production of an experimental batch of system and its certification;
  • Pre-production and the commercialization of mass production of system «SASHA»
  • Conducting of a broad advertising campaign in print media, online and on TV;
  • Commercial sales (sales organization) of system «SASHA»;
  • Installment of system «SASHA» on automobiles of existing fleet of RF (CIS) and its warranty service;
  • The sale of licenses to othe manufacturers;
  • Preparation and filling of applications for new patents, including international ones.

The usage of system «SASHA» on automobiles of existing fleet of RF (CIS) is expected in 2 versions:

  • integrated system, as a part of complex of mass-produced cars in the car factories of the RF (CIS);
  • an option for retrofitting of passenger and freight cars with system «SASHA», acquired by consumers at a retail price of car dealerships, auto parts stores, etc, and mounted on the cars either on service stations, or by consumers themselves.

Implementation of the project is supposed to be carried out by LTD «ÌÌÊ» (systems and diagnostic complexes) in cooperation with instrument-making firms in Moscow and other Russian cities, by entering into appropriate agreements on cooperation and mass production of «SASHA» system.

Implementation of the project involves construction of additional instrumentation for the domestic brands of cars( systems of «SASHA») on an industrial basis in the form of small-size embedded dashboard module.

After serial production of «SASHA», it is proposed for implementations as an option for the equipment and/or retrofitting of the cars and trucks of domestic brands across manufacturers, car sales showrooms, retail store chain “Auto parts” and service stations.

In other words, realization of the project «SASHA» involves organizing production and commercialization of systems «SASHA», as well as their installation on vehicles and warranty service.

In carrying out joint ventures with partner(s) on the implementation of systems «SASHA» on cars of domestic brands it is expected to further improve the system and joint patenting.

Market applications

Engineering-technic services.

Existing and potential market applications

According to "AUTOSTAT" on January 2011, the entire fleet of vehicles, operating in Russia, including cars and commercial freights (both domestic and foreign cars, including those collected by our Russian factories) has 41.4 million vehicles. The current fleet of CIS countries, according to some estimates, is around 15-20 million units. According to statistics, approximately 60% of the current fleet of Russia and the CIS - a car of our domestic brands, which in absolute terms, is about 30-35 million vehicles (cars and trucks).

Thus, more than 30 million vehicles in our country and the CIS countries do not have in its complexes the monitoring systems wheel`s tire pressure, running in real time, that is,systems that largely determine the technical condition of the car, affect the driving safety and, as a consequence,  reducing the number of accidents.

All of the above statistics suggest that the project will take place in the virtual absence of competition, both in Russia and the CIS, as of today on all brands of our domestic car, there is no devices that control the pressure in the tires of the wheels, during motion (f.x. in real time).

The preliminary marketing has shown that there is possible relatively high demand for the «SASHA» system:

  • the intended market segment (f.x. - cars of any domestic brands), is not filled with similar systems and sensors  (as of today - it's empty) and, therefore, - there is no real competition;
  • This market segment is large enough (more than 30 million vehicles) as well as the demand for it, and its potential customers, to preliminary estimates, can be: the private owners of cars and trucks of domestic brands, company cars and fleets of taxis (cars and shuttle) , the company truck and bus fleets of Russia and the CIS, etc.

Additional components of the reality of the future demand for a system «Sasha» is also its capabilities and features as follows

In addition to information about reducing the air pressure in the tires of one of the wheels of the car system, "SASHA" further provides:

  • definition of uneven tread wearout on tires the car in its initial stages, when visual inspection is not effective
  • Identification of the slippery wheel or wheels of the vehicle when it is stuck in mud, snow, etc.
  • Identification of unacceptable backlash of drive wheel in bearings, or wheels due to loosening of wheel bolts, which is accompanied by sensor damage, and, consequently, the lack of signal on «SASHA» unit.
  • To stimulate sales of «SASHA», it may involves insurance companies that offer a new kind of insurance for tires of cars, as well as the adoption of regulations at the state level, governing, for example, the mandatory application of systems «SASHA» in existing car fleet of the Russian Federation, as an analog for the injection  in 2008 in the United States (as required by NHTSA - National Authority for road Safety)of  regulation prohibiting the usage of cars without installment of the control system for tire pressure monitoring (such as «Tire Monitor») on all 2008 model year vehicles whose mass is less than 4535 kg.

    In summary, it should be emphasized that the proposed system «Sasha» has a low cost  due to the usage of domestic (single, easily accessible and inexpensive) hardware components with the possibility of production on any instrument-making enterprises, without additional funds for the manufacture of special equipment, and also has high reliability, quite easy installment on the car with virtually no change in its structure and, consequently, reducing the risk of possible accidents on Russian roads.

    Types of required partnership

    • Financial resources
    • License agreement
    • Joint partnership agreement
    • Joint further development
    • Adaption to specific client`s needs
    • Technological adaptation on new materials
    • Technical consulting

    Type of partner sought

    Venture capital firms; Business Angels; Instrument-making enterprises, as well as service enterprises (service stations) and “Autoparts” stores for automobiles.

    Area of partner (partners) operation

    Investment; production; technical maintenance and repair works of car fleets.

    The challenges, facing partners

    Implementation of proposed technologies; financing; organization of application works.

    Preferred countries

    • Russia
    • CIS countries


    The usage of «Sasha» as an option for a complete set and / or retrofitting passenger cars and commercial vehicles of domestic brands will enhance safety on the roads by improving driving safety and, in particular, reducing tire wearout, reducing fuel consumption(as a consequence, reducing the environmental pollution especially in big cities).

    Background. According to the official website of the traffic police in 2010. There are 199 431 road accidents occurred in Russia . They killed 26 567 people and 250 635 people received injuries of various severity. In Moscow alone (all the same in 2010) was 11 757 crashes, killing 763 people and wounded - 13 592. These figures make you think: every year on the roads of Russia killed as many people do not even have in some small towns. It is terrible to imagine that a year would die as a city.

    Additional information on the proposed project, «Sasha», can be found at the site in the menu "development".