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Project «Kasandra»
Commercial Offer

Summery proposal

LTD «MMK» (Diagnostics Complexes and Systems) /RF, Moscow/ provides for consideration of all interested businesses and individuals, a developed in terms of national program “For driving safety”, an innovate project «Kasandra» (“The complex of autonomous systems of non-stopping diagnostics of running car”).

The basic foundation of the project is, developed and patented in Russian Federation, set of additional tools for automatic control of technical condition of car`s separate nodes, codenamed “Kasandra” (The complex of autonomous systems of non-stopping diagnostics of running car), allowing drivers (while moving, f.x. in realtime):

  • to always have current information about the possible need to change oil in the car`s engine during the trip or the possible need for repairs of the engine after the trip, as not to bring it (the engine) in the future to an emergency condition;
  • to identify on the testimony of one of the complex`s modules the changes in air pressure in pneumatic tires of each wheel in order to reduce, because of this reason, the possibility of an accident on the road (f.x, ice, rain, etc.);
  • to receive information and always know that with a decrease in visibility on the road (such as snow, rain, etc., an unexpected and sudden pollution of the windshield, etc.), the car always  automatically switches wiper, windshield washer, as well as the headlights and parking lights, which of course also reduces the likelihood of an emergency situation on the road.

Availability of the above mentioned additional information, received by the driver with the help of using the complex “Kasandra” while driving, results (eventually) in improving the safety driving of cars and trucks of domestic brands on the Russian roads and, in particular, in reducing tire wearout, reducing of fuel consumption and, consequently, reducing of environmental pollution (especially in large cities with high population density).

The company is looking for: investors, partners for further joint research on issues related to the increasing of safety of vehicles on the roads of Russia, partners for series production of the proposed complex "Kasandra" on the license.

Proposal description

Today, more than ever before, the more and more relevant issue is to improve road safety in Russia. This is evidenced by (known almost by all) the sad statistics of traffic accidents (RTA). About these no less unfortunate results of accidents on Russian roads - every day we hear on the radio, see on the screens of our TV sets, read in the newspapers.

To reduce the number of accidents on Russian roads, depending on the technical condition of the car, and also (to some extent) from so-called "human factor", and, therefore, generally to improve the safety of driving any motor vehicles of domestic manufacture, LTD "MMK" (Diagnostics Complexes and Systems) offers to the market a range of additional tools for automatic control of technical condition and operation of individual  car nodes codenamed «Kasandra», ("The complex of autonomous systems of non-stopping diagnostics of running car ").

It is assumed, that "Kasandra" complexes are to be installed into the  new stamps of domestic cars directly at factories, as well as to retrofit all existing passenger and freight transport of domestic production in Russia and CIS countries. Relatively low cost of the complex makes it accessible, both for private car owners of domestic brands, and for large and small transport companies.

The complex "Kasandra" (Patent of RF), consists of 7 sensors, mounted on the engine, chassis, windshield and headlights, as well as diagnostic and control (electronic) unit, located on the dashboard of a car (in a convenient location for the driver).  Cable connection inputs of this block are connected to sensors of the electronic modules("Aida", "VASSA" and "Sasha"), which are included in its complex

The electronic unit "Kasandra" includes three self-contained, patented in the Russian Federation, systems:  the module «AIDA» (Auto control of car engine`s wearout); the module «Sasha» (the automatic control of air pressure in the tires of a moving car); the module «VASSA» (automatic switch of wipers and headlights.

With the changes of the parameter, of the car`s corresponding node, controlled by the above mentioned modules, the unit "Kasandra" gives warning digital, color and / or audio signals to the driver about changes, for example, of the tire pressure of each wheel, the wiper`s or headlight`s automatic on or off; about the need for replacement of engine`s oil or required repair.

The presence of such additional information with a sufficiently low cost of the proposed complex "Kasandra" will undoubtedly lead to a reduction in the accidents, depending from the "human factor" and the technical condition of passenger and freight vehicles on the Russian roads by increasing the driving safety of domestic car brands.

Installation of the complex requires almost no structural changes in the car, can easily be carried out by the driver on the cars of any brand without reference to the service station. Power supply is conducted by on-board battery (12-24V).

Developers of complex "Kasandra" have more than 15 years of experience of creation and control -diagnostic instrumentation of machines of various types and purposes. They have more than 100 scientific publications on the subject, received 8 patents awarded medals IGU VOIR.

Innovate aspects and advantages of the proposal

Currently produced in the enterprises of the Russian Federation automotive vehicles of domestic brands GAZ, VAZ, UAZ, ZIL, etc. do not have in its complexes an on-board computers as a fact, ABC type braking systems, tire pressure sensors, rain sensors, etc., and not to mention the control systems of car`s engine wearout (systems, operating in realtime), which are , by the way, not installed in the most modern foreign cars.

The absence of these systems and sensors (largely determining the technical condition of the vehicle and the safety of driving) in the complexes of our domestic cars certainly (according to statistics) affects the number of accidents, and, generally, safety on Russian roads..

In this regard,  a set of «Kasandra», has been developed, which allows to some extent compensate for this drawback in the configuration of domestic car brands by using it as an option (to the existing instrument of control in mass-produced domestic brands) to improve safety of their driving.

Usage in domestic vehicle`s brands of the proposed additional instrumentation(complex "Kasandra"), can give the following positive effects:


  1. improve driving safety by the drivers having, while driving,  more information about reducing of the tire pressure of each wheel, and the state of ICE`s wearout and, consequently, the appearance (through this) of new possibilities for timely prevention of accidents on the road;
  2. reduce the number of accidents, involving the movement of the vehicle during adverse weather conditions on the roads, due to automatic inclusion on (off) wiper, windshield washer (rain sensor), the headlights and marker lights.


  1. decrease of tire`s tread wearout of car wheels (according to statistics, drop in tire pressure by 25% - shortens its life by 50%);
  2. reduce of fuel consumption by maintaining a normal pressure in the tires, as well as timely precaution of ICE, and not bringing it to an emergency condition (according to the U.S., just because of the poorly inflated tires, it results in loss of more than 3.5 million liters of fuel);
  3. improve of the environmental situation in the country by increasing the service life of tires (in the U.S., for example, 240 million tires are discarded annually on a landfill), as well as reducing harmful CO22emissions into the atmosphere in the presence with the driver of the information about the state of wearout of ICE (according to Health Ministry, the share of transport in Russia is over 70% of the total emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere).

Thus, the novelty of the project "Kasandra", is to develop a qualitatively new additional instrumentation for monitoring and diagnosis of the individual nodes of domestic brands of cars in realtime (engine, chassis and electrical equipment).

Technological key words, characterizing the profile

A set of additional tools for automatic control of technical condition of individual car`s units, codenamed "Kasandra" ("The complex of autonomous systems of non-stopping diagnostics of running car ").

Current project status

The project «Kasandra», has a drawn up abstract summary and prepared business plan. On a complex of «Kasandra» it is  conducted research and obtained 5 patents of the Russian Federation. Made experimental prototypes of the  complex «Kasandra» and its separate units -modules, systems «AIDA», «VASSA» è «SASHA».

At the International  Salon of Intellectual Property «Archimedes  - 2008» (Moscow) for the development of a complex «Kasandra» the diploma of Rospatent RF was received, and developers were awarded with medals of IGU VOIR..

At the International Exhibition of Inventions, new engineering and technology, «Geneva – 2009» (Switzerland)  complex «Kasandra» was awarded with a silver medal..

To implement the project "Kasandra", it requires an investment of $ 400,000 for a period of 2-3 years. Payback period - 2.5 years.

Investors' rights - a proportion of the amount of profits up to 49%.

Implementation of the project is to be carried out by the LTD "MMK" (Diagnostics Complexes and Systems) in cooperation with the instrument-making firms in Moscow and other Russian cities by entering into appropriate agreements on cooperation and serial production of complex «Kasandra» and / or its individual modules.

Implementation of the project involves construction of additional instrumentation (modules «SASHA», «VASSA» è «AIDA») on an industrial basis as a single unit (all three stand-alone systems, gathered together in one package) - a set of «Kasandra», or as each system - module separately.

After the serial production of complex «Kasandra» and / or its separate modules, it is supposed to be its realization as an additional options for equipment and / or retrofitting cars and trucks of domestic brands across manufacturers, car sales showrooms, retail store chain "Autoparts" and the service stations.

In other words, the project «Kasandra» suggests its realization by the organization of serial production of the complex or its individual modules, their commercial sales, installation on cars and warranty service.

In carrying out joint ventures with partner(s) on the implementation of devices for automatic control of technical condition of individual nodes of domestic car`s brands, it is expected to further improve the modules of the complex "Kasandra", and co-patenting.

Market applications

Market applications

Existing and potential market applications

According to "AUTOSTAT" on January 2011, the entire fleet of vehicles, operating in Russia, including cars and commercial vehicles (both domestic and foreign cars, including those created by our Russian factories) has 41.4 million vehicles. The current fleet of CIS countries, according to some data, consists of 15-20 million units.  According to statistics, approximately 60% of the current fleet of Russia and the CIS - cars of our domestic brands, which in absolute figures is about 30-35 million vehicles (cars and trucks).

In other words, more than 30 million vehicles in our country and the CIS countries do not have in its complexes the systems of wheel`s tire pressure; control of the state of wearout of friction nodes of ICE, rain sensors, etc., working in realtime. That is, those systems and sensors that do determine the technical condition of the car, affect the safety of its  driving and, consequently, reducing of the number of accidents.

All of the above statistics suggest that the project will be expected to take place in the virtual absence of competition, both in Russia and CIS countries. Why?

  1. At the present time, at all, without exception, domestic car brands, there are NO devices that offers control during motion (ie in realtime) of::
    • tire pressure at each wheel motor vehicles (module «SASHA»);
    • the need to change the oil in the ICE and / or need to repair the ICE (the module's «AIDA»).
  2. 2. At all, without exception, domestic car brands, 2. there are NO automatic switching on (off) of::
    • wiper and windshield washer (rain sensor);
    • headlights and marker lights (module «VASSA»).

ÏThe preliminary marketing has shown that there can be a fairly high demand for complex "Kasandra" and its individual modules for the following reasons:

  • the intended market segment (ie - cars of any domestic brands) there are no similar systems and complexes, the market is not full(as of today - it's empty) and, therefore, - there is no real competition;
  • ýòîò This market segment is large enough (more than 30 million vehicles) and the demand for its (the sector) offers to potential customers, by preliminary estimates can be: the private owners of cars and trucks of domestic brands, company cars and fleets of taxis (cars and shuttle) , the company truck and bus fleets of Russia and the CIS, etc.

Additional components of the reality of the future demand for complex «Kasandra» are the facts that the proposed means of automatic control and diagnosis (the complex itself and its individual modules) have a low cost by using  the domestic (single, easily accessible and inexpensive) hardware components with the possibility of serial production on any instrument-making enterprises, without involving of additional funds for the manufacture of special equipment, high reliability and maximum ease of installation in a car with virtually no changes to the design and reduce the risk of possible accidents on Russian roads.

Types of required partnership

  • Financial resources
  • License agreement
  • Joint partnership agreement
  • Joint further development
  • Testing of new implementations
  • Adaption to specific client`s needs
  • Technological adaptation on new materials
  • A qualitivily new process
  • Technical consulting

Type of partner sought

Venture capital firms; Business Angels; Instrument-making enterprises, automobile manufacturing enterprises, as well as service enterprises (service stations) and “Autoparts” stores for automobiles.

Area of partner (partners) operation

Investment; production; technical maintenance and repair works of car fleets.

The challenges, facing partners

Implementation of proposed technologies; financing; organization of application works.

Preferred countries

  • Russia
  • CIS countries


The usage of complex «Kasandra», as an option for complexes and / or retrofitting of passenger cars and commercial vehicles of domestic brands will improve road safety by improving driving safety and, in particular, reducing of tire wearout, reducing of fuel consumption (as a consequence will reduce the environmental pollution especially in big cities), and also gives the opportunity to determine whether to replace the oil in car`s engine or does it need  an urgently bulkhead (repair) not under the rules, but on the actual condition in advance.

Background According to the official website of the traffic police in 2010. in Russia, it has happened 199431 accidents. They killed 26567 people, and 250635 people received injuries of various severity. In Moscow alone (all the same in 2010) there was 11757 crashes, killing 763 people and wounded – 13592. hese figures make you think: every year on the roads of Russia people are killed so many, that its amount surpass those populace in some small towns. It is terrible to imagine that in a year, so many people would die as lives in a city..

Additional information on the proposed project «Kasandra» and its individual modules «SASHA», «VASSA» and «AIDA» can be viewed on the site in the menu "development".