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Project AIDA
Commercial offer

Summery proposal

Small innovate enterprise LTD MMK(Diagnostics Complexes and Systems) /RF, Moscow/ provides a project AIDA(Auto control of car engine`s wearout) for the consideration of all interested businesses and individuals.

The basic framework is a developed and patented in Russian Federation (undergone experimental and industrial test of NAMI), AIDA system (System of Auto control of car engine`s wearout ).

System is intended for control and diagnostic of friction nodes in ICE (connecting rod gear /CRG/ and cylinder-and-piston group /CPG/) with the purpose of preventing of the increasing wearout of these nodes, and, consequently reducing of fuel consumption and emissions of CO2, and as well as appointment of ICE repair work`s dates and extensions not by regulations, but by technical condition.

Enterprise is looking for: investors; partners for joint researches; partners for production of AIDA system by license.

Proposal description

AIDA system allows to control the wearout of babbited inserts in crankshaft`s slide bearings (CRG) and engine`s CPG. It is known, that increased gaps in this friction nodes result in increased fuel consumption and emissions of carbon dioxide into atmosphere. Usage of system AIDA gives the driver an opportunity to estimate the current condition of the engine, while of motion, and determine the necessarity of conducting repair works, without bringing the engine to critical condition, thereby increasing energy efficiency of the vehicle.

The principle of operation of the "AIDA" system is based on the deposition of wearout products (Fe, Pb, Sn) of friction nodes of the engine on the sensor followed by registration of their masses by electronic unit. . Control of the CSV is determined by the presence in crankcase oil of particles Pb and Sn, and for the CPG - Fe.

AIDA system involves the sensor, which is installed into the engine and computational-information unit with digital display, located on the dashboard of the automobile, with the help of which the information about friction nodes wearout of CRG and CPG is shown. With the increasing of one or another engine`s friction node wearout above acceptable level, the device gives out warning sound and color signals to the driver. In this unit also included the connecting to standard interface of PC for graphical data representation of friction nodes wearout and prediction of the residual work resources of these nodes (and ICE in whole), with the help of developed programs. Power of the system is conducted by on-board battery (12-24V). The sensivity of the instruments is 0.0001 g. of wearout particles (Sn, Fe, Pb).

AIDA system is qualitatively new solution for: service maintenance of the vehicles, preventing of failures due to wearout of main friction nodes of ICE (CPG and CRG), and as well as determining of extensions of necessary repairs of ICE.

Installation of the proposed AIDA system doesn`t require any structural changes in automobile`s engine, can be carried out easily by the driver himself on gasoline or diesel engines of all makes, domestic and foreign cars (passenger and freight types).

Innovate aspects and advantages of the proposal

At present times, prediction of the residual resources of the engines and proper planning of the timing and types of repairs is carried out not by engine`s actual condition, but by manufacturer`s recommendations, the average data and odometer. But, the actual wearout of the particular engine can be significantly different from this recommendations and testimonies, which makes engine resources, under planned shipment, underutilized by 2560%. In addition, in some cases, the nessessarity of major repairs can occur suddenly.

It is known, that decreasing of fuel consumption and amount of emissions of CO2 very much depends on technical condition of ICE. If the engine`s wearout is taken as 100%, then technical condition of engines is determined by wearout of CPG on 35%, and CRG by 45%.

At present times, there are no methods of diagnostics of CPG and CRG in realtime, i.e. in-motion.

Even if in the world practice of car service are used the methods and instruments of CPG diagnostic (F.x. SUN SMP 4000 or another), devices for quick and accurate determination of the actual CRG wearout (mileage) are almost absent, thus exacerbating the problem.

The only analog of AIDA system (to the some extent) for CRG diagnostic is Motor-Tester (MT). The disadvantage of this method is that oil pressure (the measurements of which are the basic work principle of MT) can be influenced by notholding relief valve of oil pump, and wearout of the pump itself, and the condition of oil filter, as well as oil temperature during measurements and just poor quality oil. In this pairing, CRG can be ideal, and oil pressure not normal.

The lack of reliable information in realtime about technical condition of CRG bearings can lead to sudden failure: the heating and melting of the inserts, up to destruction of basic elements (Cracks in cylinder unit, destruction of the unit).

However, the most important thing is that all these methods of CPG and CRG of ICE diagnostics are conducted only in stationary conditions, i.e. at service station.

In this regard, there is a need for reliable finding of faulty elements of CRG and CPG at the initial state of failure, i.e. in need of constant control of wearout of these friction nodes, without bringing them to critical state , which is, by the way, as consequence, leads to decreasing of fuel consumption and emissions of CO2. To achieve this objective, AIDA was developed.

Proposed technology allows to:

  1. Increase energy efficiency of ICE by providing the driver additional and particular information about technical state of CPG and CRG friction nodes in gasoline and diesel ICE (passenger and freight automobile).
  2. Increase the safety of driving, by providing to the driver the possibility of timely warning of failures on wearout of friction nodes of CRG and CPG.
  3. Reasonably assign dates for the conduction of ICE repair works not by engine rules (mileage) or recommendations of manufacturers, but by actual state of CRG and CPG friction nodes.
  4. Differentially approach the determination of necessary extensions of repair works on ICE.
  5. Increase the quality and culture of maintenance of ICE.

Technological key words, characterizing the profile

Device for control and diagnostic of friction nodes work (CPG and CRG) in passenger and freight automobiles, domestic and as well as foreign, in real time.

Current project status

AIDA project has a drawn up Abstract summary and Business Plan. AIDA system has received 4 Russian patents and R & D is fully conducted. There are produced prototypes, which have passed pilot testing at NAMI, receiving a positive evaluation.

To implement AIDA project, it is required the investing of $200000 for a period of 2-3 years. Payback period 2.3 years.

Investors rights a proportion of the amount of profits up to 49%.

Major uses of funds:

  • Bringing of AIDA system to the level of industrial production (modernization of the existing and R & D new versions of apparatus and software);
  • Manufacturing of the testing batch of system and its certification;
  • Organization of mass-series production of AIDA systems;
  • Conducting a broad advertising campaign in print media, internet and on TV;
  • Realization of AIDA system through service stations, Autoparts stores and other;
  • Selling the license to other manufacturers;
  • Preparation and filling of the applications on new patent, including international ones.

Project realization is supposed to be implemented by LTD MMK (Diagnostics Complexes and Systems) in cooperation with apparatus-making firms in Moscow and other Russian cities (in the future the West too) by entering in appropriate agreements on cooperation terms and mass production of AIDA system.

In carrying out joint works with partner(s) on implementing of AIDA system it is expected to further improve the system and joint patenting.

Existing and potential market applications

According to statistics, it is known, that in the past 20 years, only the Russian vehicle fleet has increased 2 times and has reached, at the beginning of 2011, the total of 41.1 mln vehicles. According to AUTOSTAT, 86% of the total domestic cars, registered in Russia, were released earlier than 2006. Among foreign share of cars, proportion of those older than 5 years is 59%. The same situation is in CIS countries.

The whole amount of vehicle fleet, for example, in Kazakhstan, now exceeded 3.2 mln units. In the Almaty city only the largest and most automobile city in Kazakhstan with a half million vehicle fleet and deplorable environment situation 77% of the fleet are consisted of cars older than 7 years, and it is a bit in the least 387 thousands cars out of 504 thousands.

These statistics primarily speak of, firstly, significant (potentially large) market in this sector of economy, and, secondly, the (projected) increasing with fairly rapid speed.

In this regard, the market for AIDA system may be expected: private owners of passengers and freight cars, vehicle fleets of company cars and taxis (passengers and blocks), enterprises of freight vehicle fleets in Russia and CIS and so on.

According to preliminary marketing, the best-sellings will be, in our opinion, in the market of consumers, whose automobiles are in operation for more than 3-5 years, what is, by average statistic data, is 60-70% cars from the total vehicle fleet of Russia (passengers and freight). This is the contingent of consumers, which will (presumably) be the start of the main market for the AIDA system.

This way, it is possible, that there will be almost infinite, and, if that is not enough, more and more increasing sector of demand on AIDA system. In the present, this market is not filled with any similar systems (it is empty) and, therefore, as of today, there would be complete absence of real competition.

Additional components of the future demands on AIDA system would be that it has high accuracy (sensivity about 0.0001 g. mass of particles wearout Sn, Fe, Pb), reliability and low cost (about 10-15 thousand rubles) through the use of mass production with its simple, easily accessible, affordable full national assembly.

Technological process of manufacture can be established at existing production facilities of any instrument-making enterprises, both in Russia and countries of CIS and foreign countries without the cost of specialized equipment for its production.

Types of required partnership

  • Financial resources
  • License agreement
  • Joint partnership agreement
  • Joint further development
  • Testing of new implementations
  • Adaption to specific client`s needs
  • Technological adaptation on new materials
  • Technical consulting

Type of partner sought

Venture capital firms; Business Angels; Instrument-making enterprises, as well as service enterprises (service stations) and Autoparts stores for automobiles.

Area of partner (partners) operation

Investment; production; technical maintenance and repair works of machinery and mechanisms parts.

The challenges, facing partners

Implementation of proposed technologies; financing; organization of application works.

Preferred countries

  • Russia
  • CIS countries


Implementation of AIDA system qualitively new control-diagnostic device in automobile fleet of Russia, CIS countries and abroad will allow the driver, with the engine running: control of the friction nodes wearout in ICE (CPG and CRG) with the purpose to obtain relevant information to address the issue of the future possible actions to prevent increased wearout of these nodes (and, consequently, the ICE in whole), that, consequently, will result in reduction of fuel consumption and emissions of CO2 , and as well will allow to predict the residual resources of the engine and extensions of conducted repair works, CIP, on-board method with the help of digital system, which has no analogues in the world production of service equipment for vehicles.

Additional materials on the proposed project can be found at the site in the menu Development