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Trouble-free operation of any equipment, always was and is an urgent task.

However, the lack of means of diagnosis of wear of friction units directly on the working mechanisms (without stopping and dismantling) leads to premature failure of a large number of different equipment.

Given the sharp rise in prices of major repairs in some cases is not cost effective.

For early detection and prevention of accidental wear and tear of friction, save fuel and lubricants, spare parts, cost of repair is recommended to introduce built-in (side) the means of diagnosis.

One method of solving this problem is to use the information to carry products of wear and mechanical impurities in the lubricating oil, which can determine one of the important characteristics of durability - resistance to wear of friction pairs.

Wear of piston engines
Worn gears

Overcoming the frictional forces at the nodes of machinery consumes 30-40% of all of the world's energy, and loss of funds in the industrialized countries due to friction and wear concomitant reach 4-5% of national income.

Depreciation is the cause of failure of more than 80% of machine parts and mechanisms.

Wear of the cylinder internal combustion engine
Wear of the bearing
Wear of the bearing holder
Wear ear bearings

Increase the resource machinery is largely dependent on the development and successful application of methods to assess the wear of friction pairs of machines.

At present, becoming increasingly common methods for assessing the wear of machine parts during operation without stopping and dismantling.

Technical means of diagnosis (code-named set of "VECTOR" / Patents RF), offered by our company for an innovative promotion, just designed to determine the wear of friction units and components of various equipment during operation without stopping and dismantling by the analysis of wear products in the lubrication system.

innovative promotion of the project "VECTOR"

The use of airborne tribodiagnostics (complex devices "VECTOR") to assess the performance of parts made of iron (ferromagnetic) and non-ferrous metals and alloys (paramagnetic) to analyze the lubricating oil can:

Another equally important problem, which deals with our company is the issue of safety on the roads of Russia.

Tens of thousands of people die annually in road accidents in Russia. However, in other countries this is not the best. Loss, as in war, and loss - terrible. So the traffic safety on the roads today - one of the most important factor not only of relative calm, but in general, the normal life of any nation.

Solving this problem in the framework of the national program "for safety", our company has developed a set of additional tools for automatic control of technical condition of individual units vehicle (RF patent) "Kasandra", allowing drivers (all vehicles - cars and trucks, domestic and foreign cars) to improve safety Driving through the installation of this complex on the dashboard, in addition to the existing instrument of control and status of individual nodes.

Now the machines are usually installed devices that monitor the amount of gasoline, oil, engine temperature, etc. But this is not enough.

We offer every vehicle equipped as an option, tentatively titled, "Complex systems of autonomous continuous automatic diagnosis of the car" (abbreviated "Kasandra"), which introduced the following modules.

1. "AIDA" ("Autocontrol car engine wear") a module that looks like and warns the driver while driving the need to replace the engine oil and the urgent need for repair.

2. "Sasha" ("The system autocontrol car tires") - a module offered by the company as part of "Kasandra"which will allow you to monitor the condition of the tire pressure when driving a car without leaving your car. You worry because you know if the pressure starts to fall in one of the tires due to puncture or for any other reason, the system will automatically notify you of this.Surprises will not happen..

3. "Bassa" ("Switch-automatic windscreen wipers and headlights and dimensions of the car") a module that allows you to increase the security of driving a car when the weather conditions on the road.

Thus, in the "Kasandra" include such additional information and control apparatus (system - modules) that are not yet available, unfortunately, is still almost without exception, all of our domestic cars, as well as on some cars, especially the older years release. But these old foreign cars in the ground and fill our Russian roads (of course, but our domestic cars).

innovative promotion of the project "Kasandra"

Using on-board (embedded) complex "Kasandra" (additional set of tools for automatic control of technical condition of individual units car) on cars and trucks of domestic brands to improve the safety of their driving on the road allows you to:

Thus, the use of complex "Kasandra" as an option in the configuration and / or retrofitting passenger cars and commercial vehicles of domestic brands will enhance safety on the roads due to increase driving safety and, in particular, reduce tire wear, reduces fuel consumption (as a consequence, reduce the environmental pollution especially in big cities), and an opportunity to determine in advance of the need to replace oil in the engine car, or the need for its urgent bulkhead (repair) is not under the rules, and the actual state.

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